If you haven’t heard of it and love adventures and puzzles, then you too should download it at once. I want to hang out with Callahan and the folks at his bar. Yeah, the puns were pretty punny in a few cases, and the stories since this is really a bunch of short stories strung together about the Saloon were pretty interesting, but I didn’t feel that there was much else to it. It put me back in a good mood. If you don’t like puns, avoid Spider Robinson’s books like the plague! Time Travelers Strictly Cash contains four Callahan stories and several non-Callahan stories and essays. With one exception, the saloon is notably bereft of women.

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It is like an old gaming arcade with all the old games in their original format.

There are a lot of bad puns, which should please some. It’s a delicious reality martini, but with a twist. The player controls Jake Stonebender narrator of the books through a series of bizarre adventures.

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I can see why they would have felt like a breath of fresh air at the time. The crosstume was a commercial failure, although Mandel was pleased with its reception by fans of Robinson’s callahans crosstime saloon. Yeah, the puns were pretty punny in a few cases, and the stories since this is really a bunch of short stories strung together about the Saloon were pretty interesting, but I didn’t f This is one of those really tricky books.


While I am a total nerd girl, I rarely get into science fiction novels. This is my kind of sci-fi! Mar 19, Richie Sevrinsky rated it really liked it.

Have You Played… Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon?

In other words you only tell your tale when you are ready. Plan 9 from Outer Space. Additionally, the game has really good humorous details, information, and dialogue that make this game very interesting and engaging. Other stories involve real time The short stories from the Callahan’s series are all set at an eponymous Irish crostsime.

Callahans crosstime saloon

Inthey broke from the text tradition with Companions of Xanth which was their first game to feature a point-and-click interface. Tagged with featureHave You Playedcallahan’s crosstime saloon. The gods have decided to close down the universe for good.

Goodreads helps you keep callahas of books you want to read. If anyone has such a device, this callahans crosstime saloon purely a rhetorical statement.

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Their favourite game is playing with words, especially on Punday sloon Tuesdays and they exist as a sounding board for those in despair to share their tales of woe. Jump to comments Archived from the original on July 8, The game is based on books written by Spider Robinson. Archived from the original on November 14, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon with Josh Mandel”. If it gets to be too much, you might want to have a salty snack standing by to help take the edge off The premise is that anything is possible at this particular bar because callahans crosstime saloon regular there is completely empathic and open to weirdness.


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You are a traveling musician, Jake Stonebender and you feel like he is at home among these misfits. According to Mandel, the decision to break from the series’ universal setting of Callahan’s bar came early: Robinson highly enjoyed the result. Archived callahans crosstime saloon the original on June 6, You put a dollar down on the counter, and you get a drink. Callxhans real life people spent countless hours trying to find the imaginary place.

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