Cod Vs Halo – Round 2. Testo Halo 4 Pro Rap powered by Musixmatch. Gold Bars Make You Rich. Stack Of Unplayed Games. I Love My Life. Search All Day feat. Minecraft Vs Fortress Craft.

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Punched In The Balls. I Fhe My Ak Asleep In Your Arms. My Chopper Battlefield 4 Rap [feat. Aliens vs Zombies Rap Battle feat. Pull ’em out, pull ’em out, Overkills, yeah that’s all what we’re about Yo, pop ’em off, let it go Hear the sound of the bodies hit the floor Pull ’em out, pull ’em out, Overkills, yeah that’s all what we’re about Yo, pop ’em off, let it go Hear the sound of brysi sick with the sticks bodies hit the floor Grunts, come and get some You know I’ll crush you like I’m Big Pun Except in this case, I am a player Instead of a lyrical delivery I hit you with them big guns Help Shut their mouths up Warthogs and rockets Told you before in that Slim Shady parody, “You can’t stop this” Stkcks so empty without me Used to run it back when Halo 3 was the hottest Still got montages full of sick clips Still gettin’ no-scopes, beastmode when I play pit.


I Love Video Games. Sick With It Clean. Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 Rap Battle feat. Ill Miss You MW2.

Bryan “brysi” simon – Sick with the sticks (feat. meze) lyrics

Cod Vs Halo – Round 1. I’m embarrassin’ all of these players In objective mode and team slayer Surely there is no-one greater I’m an MLG Pro, Major League Brysi sick with the sticks People watch my montages, say I’m insane Even the wise are surprised, They wanna see how I play I can’t be contained, Sick with the sticks Don’t need a scope, yeah, I shoot from the hip On fire, a monster, I can’t be beat When I strap on the armor of the Master Chief Grief the little kids world-wide Get messages from mom and dads all the time They’re all, “Can you take it easy on our son?

I’m A Gamer Rock Remix. Video Game Music, Vol. Never Going to the Nether.

ā€ˇVideo Game Music: The Greatest Hits by Bryan “BrySi” Simon on Apple Music

All I See Is Red. Zombies On The Moon. Bye Halo 3 – Welcome Back Reach. Xbox One vs Ps4 Rap Battle feat.


No Brains for You Zombies. Cod Black Ops Rap. Black Ops 2 Rap. Gold Bars Make You Rich. Master Chief Vs Justin Bieber.

Grifball Ftw Reach Remix. Stand by for Titanfall. I’m a Cod Pro. Halo 4 Pro Rap C. Call of Minecraft Halo Acoustic. I Got a Bow. Droppin in Fortnite Rap. Just One More Game. I Love My Hhe.

Bryan “BrySi” Simon – Sick With the Sticks – KKBOX

Cod Vs Halo – Round 2. Halo 4 Pro Rap testo. I Just Got Griefed Minecraft.