It was around this time that Benga started producing and touring as Magnetic Man, alongside Skream and Artwork. I created this thread in the hope that posters will help me understand what’s going on in Benga’s 26 Basslines. Topics Music The Observer. Here are 20 reasons to love Benga. Producer Masterclass for computermusic.

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Jazzy opener ‘Zero M2’ references Roni Size’s drum’n’bass classic ‘Brown Paper Bag’ – until a warped, evil-mouthed bassline rears up like some swampy sub-hertz monster.

Continue the discussion by creating a new topic on The New Dubstep Forum. At 13, his console-created tunes – raw, stripped-down versions of the dark UK garage benga 26 basslines by producers such as Benny Ill and El-B – were being picked up by Hatcha, a DJ and producer who worked at Big Apple.

20 Reasons To Love Benga – Trench

This forum is locked. InBenga took a hiatus from music, using the time to focus on his own mental health issues, brought on and exacerbated by the music industry and excessive touring. Producer Masterclass for computermusic. Users posting content here, do so completely at their benga 26 basslines risk. Click HERE to read them.

Posted on August 08, Topics Music The Observer. The sound had burst out of the confines of London and Bristol and was now getting regular attention in every city in the UK.


Missed the beatport comp and would very much like the ego booster of saying I remixed Skrillex. Here are bemga reasons to love Benga. As well as being further indication of the talent contained within dubstep, Diary of an Afro Warrior suggests that Britain’s dark though no longer smoky nightclubs are on the verge of another renaissance. The super-hooky beep anthem and album track ‘Night’, which he created with fellow producer Coki, has been Radio 1 playlisted a rare feat for benga 26 basslines instrumental dance trackand he’s just returned from DJ tours of America, Japan and Australia.

Benga has done a interview for future music where he explains all his production techniques including bass, i would start there.

benga- 26 basslines

Any suggestions on synths, samples and any other tools that might help? In a satisfyingly circular twist, PlayStation has expressed basslinee in licensing ‘Night’ for one of its games.

Google [Bot] and 8 guests. Drum And Benga 26 basslines [soundcloud]http: We do not accept any responsibility for the content, submissions, information or links contained herein. Benga’s 26 Basslines hardware, software, tips and tricks.

Key & BPM for 26 Basslines by Benga | Tunebat

I’m quite new to dubstep and I’m looking to teach myself the art by emulating the greats. Anyone know where to get this interview? Forum rules By using this “Production” sub-forum, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed with our terms of use for this site. Eventually, at various points in time, all three producers would distance themselves from dubstep, drifting more and more into house and techno.


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Each of the gasslines tracks felt like a breath of fresh air, fusing acid, benga 26 basslines, techno, bass music and funk into a jagged, energetic and rejuvenated sound. Quick Link to Feedback Forum. By 15, the south Londoner was writing tunes for his debut album, Newstep, and appearing on a Radio 1 documentary about the nascent dubstep scene.

Diary Of An Afro Warrior dropped at exactly the right time. It was around this time that Benga started producing and touring as Magnetic Bengw, alongside Skream and Artwork. Users browsing this forum: South African Image Board. We have migrated to a new forum platform community. Rusko also did an interview: In fact, most of Diary