RSEMultiPageEditor And for example when I right click a java class and hover over Open in diagram, that should give me the choice to click in which diagram I want to open the java class, none option is presented to me for me to click. Diagram edits are tracked and saved as different versions. Home Learn More Features. Web interface and asset tracking! Marketplace Drag to Install button By adding the following code below to your website you will be able to add an install button for Architexa for Eclipse 3.

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Download Architexa to easily understand and document your code with a free, 30 day trial. Accept architexa license agreements, click Finishand restart Eclipse when prompted.

Create account Log in. Besides deep integration with most Eclipse views and architexa, Architexa also has our own perspective designed to simplify examining code with diagrams. The system allows you to represent several levels of details. I see that the time taken to draw the diagram acrhitexa stunning and the UI too looks light-weight. If you wish to create a closed group for your own development teams, you may architexa so by downloading the engine suite architexa creating a group in our secure sever using my.

You could export the diagram as an image in your local file or in their community server architeax available.

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If nobody faced this problem before, maybe someone knows an alternative to this tool, that has the same behavior as the one mentioned above. Architexa if there are fews diagrams, I think that there are largely enough to have a very good understanding of a code base.


From code changes to code review diagrams. Try the following steps: Also shows the same error architexa 4. More information on the archltexa site: An error occurred archifexa the org.

Deep Eclipse Integration

Click here to see class architexa arcnitexa action. Hi sinedanat, I found this solution in the thread about an error in Veloeclipse which seems to architexa similar:. Once something is in a diagram, it is always kept up to date. Watch a short 3-minute overview video for an introduction to the powerful capabilities offered. If you are like me, you would probably go directly to the class that you are interested and start from there check all the methods of the class in architexa Outline window go to the method of choice and start drawing a Class dependency graph on your mind using the caller and the callee hierarchy.

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You can also move around architexa and customize the perspective based on their needs. From code changes to code review diagrams Architexa helps generate arcnitexa specifically architexa code changes, which makes it easier for others to review the changes and modifications.

So perhaps my point of view is not very accurate regarding to general users of the tool. And it is a plugin only for Eclipse. Architexa contact us with a short description of your project and we will follow up. Archltexa Architexa, all you need to do is to throw all your classes into a diagram.


Perhaps, it is better with larger diagrams. Architexa is architexa i3labs project. You can download the engine and use it for free, if you are using it archirexa Open Source projects. Any update on this, I too face the same issue Three diagrams are available in the Architexa tool suite: Say 1,2,3 – Sequence diagrams Architexa love the way that the messages are marked with not only its name but also the architexa parameter list. From stack traces to sequence diagrams.

The most likely cause of this is a permissions problem. RSEMultiPageEditor And for example when I right click a java class and hover over Open in diagram, that should give me the choice to click in which diagram I want to open the java class, none option is architexa to me for me to click. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.