Static suction head in Tank. A horizontal line to the right of the intersection indicates that NPSHr is approx. The R00 type mechanical seals used on the SX rotary lobe pump range, described in 6. C — Series range The C-Series is the original, all-purpose Alfa Laval centrifugal pump for less demanding applications. The externally mounted mechanical seal on Alfa Laval pump ranges is also available as a double flushed mechanical seal for some pump models. When packed glands are specified, using polyamide or PTFE packings will satisfy the majority of duties.

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Ship’s systems and mechanisms. A method of keeping alfa laval pump handbook stationary and rotary seal rings together when they are not hydraulically loaded i. For example, cold oil has a high viscosity and pours very slowly, whereas water has a relatively low viscosity and pours quite readily. It is related to density as follows: This should be used to assertain the NPSHr of the pump. This publication is covering all relevant technical aspects and includes all info considered necessary for the proper selection as well as further application of the “Alfa Laval” ranges of the three basic types of pumps – namely the centrifugal pumps, the liquid ring pumps, and the rotary lobe pumps.

Alfa laval pump handbook Alfa Laval pump ranges this is generally stainless steel and can be split into two main categories: The characteristics of the fluid being pumped and the duty conditions will normally determine if a flush is necessary.


The Grit value alfw the grain size of the coating of the grinding tool used. Capacity Discharge – Sugar syrup. Troubleshooting Advises possible causes and solutions to most common problems found in pump installation and operation. Dp is calculated to be 0 m. Due to the high viscosity it is not practical to use pump performance curves for sizing purposes.

A mechanical seal typically comprises of: Application areas include reverse osmosis mono-filtration pum ultra-filtration. This seal arrangement is generally used for fluids that do not solidify or crystallise in contact with the atmosphere and other non-hazardous duties. A controlled amount of metal is removed from all surfaces evenly.

Total pressure drop in suction line. In view of this, the correct selection of upmp pump is of great importance. Velocity Velocity is the distance a fluid moves per unit of time and is given by equation as follows: For inlet pressures above atmospheric pressure the differential pressure is obtained by subtracting the inlet pressure from the outlet pressure.

The R00 type mechanical seals laal on the Alfa laval pump handbook rotary lobe pump range, described in 6. Generally, rotary alfa laval pump handbook pumps best perform high fluid viscosity applications, such as liquid sugar tanker offloading and malt syrups, whereas low fluid viscosity applications, such as beer and water chilling, are mostly carried out using centrifugal pumps.

This handbook has been arranged in fifteen main chapters – the first chapter puml the book will give some puump basic intro to above stated types of pumps, while the second chapter supplements that information with some theory and terminology. The pump consists, however, of several impellers several stages which increase the pressure from one stage to another but flow rate is unchanged.


The connection between capacity Q and head H when throttling is shown in fig.

Alfa Laval Pump Handbook 1st ed. [, PDF] :: Marine Tracker

When pumping such products optimum performance is obtained by using large slow running pumps. The SRU range is available in six series each having two pumphead displacements and two different shaft materials. For example, for a flow rate of 10 m? Therefore, the capacity and the head will also lxval.

As this is a ratio, it does not have any units of measure.


The time now is: After shear ceases the viscosity will return to its original value – the time for recovery will vary with different fluids. In common with all packed gland assemblies slight leakage must occur but in this instance it will basically be a loss of flushing liquid as opposed to product being pumped.

The “Read Later” alfa laval pump handbook allows you to add material to this block with just one click. Centrifugal pumps can be commonly found on fat and vegetable oil applications.