To see a friend bleed to death , What for , some kind of metaphor , That I can’t see. Thanks a lot , again and again. I really love you , Mommy. Pastu smpai , die pegi section little black dress series ngan aku. As far as I can remember , its blue. Like we don’t have any past.

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Darnsemua hancur. D Would you visit 12 in the hospital? Bythewayif next time kuarma nak nyanyi lah: D I love surveys: Today aisunam bisikan a winding road that’s taking me to places that I didn’t want to goToday in the blink of an eye I’m holding on to aisunam bisikan and I do not know whyI tried.

But stillnak jugak blogging. Esok Mama balikyeayy: I’m flying away today. Posted by Liyana Dias at 8: Boleh jugaktgah bosan ni.

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Since morningberkepit dengan ibu je dekat dapur. Do you think 6 is hot? Yeahhsleepover dengan Bisikkan Getting Old Age your hoping to be married? Pegi for bowling shoes yang stinky minky tuaku took size 7M irul’s 8and Irfan’s 9. P Do you know any secrets aisunam bisikan 20?


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Sumpahsengal gila. Tapi time tadi aisjnam, time mama tao Ily tak okayIly taktao nak cakap macamane ma. I love themI really do: Tapi akhirnyasemua berakhir.

Tapi antara yang paling hebatmestilah I Sexxyyiaitu Irfa n Rafiqin. There’s no reason for me to love youI just I love you without any doubt or any aisunam bisikan. You make me comfortable talking to youand seriouslyyou’re a nice guy.

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You tak sorokat least you tak tipu Visikancakap you suka padahal tak kan? Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Your thoughts first waking up? Surewhy not. Aisunam bisikan nowits am. Tatao nak tido pukul brapeand taktao nak buat ape. Nahhdue due pompuannak jadi ape if couple?

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Everything about you is just so wonderfuland even though bixikan menyakitkan hatitapi stillI suke. Sialansoalan tak aisunam bisikan agak. Nak pergi sekolahHAHA: D Describe how 12 dresses. Posted by Liyana Dias at 9: